CAN YOU UNDO A “BAD” DIET? Calorie Burn Challenge!

Can you undo a “bad” diet? My 1 week calorie burn challenge!

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So, can you undo a “bad” diet? You guys know I never really use terms like “good” or “bad” and that I include everything in my regular way of eating ❤️ This video is just a bit of fun – there’s a lot I wanted to talk about at the start and end of the video, and hopefully entertain ya in the middle! ?‍♀️ None of us should ever be scared of the foods we love, I just think knowing which foods help you feel your best gets you ready to go be amazing! I’ll keep eating all these foods, even after this week!


Gymshark coral flex:
Gymshark dreamy taupe:

Small gold hoops:
Necklace (not the same but similar):

1.One shoulder crop top black:
2.Black cargo shorts:
3.One shoulder black crop sleeveless:
4.Yellow bikini top:
5.Baby blue crop top:
7.Black denim shorts:
8.Pink denim jacket:
9.Blue dress:
10.Cream dress:
11.White bikini:
12. Forever21 Activewear:
13. Black Rainbow crop
14. Nude sports bra:

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Camera: Canon 80D

*Edit* – I’m getting a lot of questions about the way I calculated my calories. I was using a heart rate monitor paired with my phone. I personally only use them for videos like these and never in my own workouts because I don’t find them hugely reliable and a distraction. I’ve also seen it trigger a negative outcome where one feels a slave to the numbers. However – if you’re working alongside a coach who is asking you to train at certain heart rate zones then this could be useful! Hope that helps – I just don’t want you guys investing in something that might not be that helpful! xx
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